Consultative Meeting On The Realignment Of Cooperative Societies Activities With The New Government For Greater Impact From 16th - 19th November 2022 At Sawela Lodges, Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha

Receive warm greetings from Cooperative Alliance of Kenya. The process of forming a new government has brought great benefit to the cooperative movement as the once state department for cooperatives has now been upgraded to a fully-fledged Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs. Cooperatives are powerful vehicles of social inclusion, and economic empowerment of their members. The cooperatives are envisioned to play an integral role in the new government that has focused on promoting hustlers hence improving the individual livelihoods of the people. We as the apex body for the co-operatives are entirely grateful to the president for the recognition accorded to co-operatives whose membership comprise of people with low incomes (‘Hustlers’), in its mandate to improve the socio-economic welfare of the members in line with the Kenya Kwanza government manifesto. It is in the spirit of positioning the cooperative movement for greater economic growth and development for all, that CAK has invited you for a consultative meeting with the newly appointed Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Cooperatives and MSMEs Development to have a one-on-one meeting and bring up issues affecting the cooperatives sub-sector performance, growth and stability. This is a great opportunity for your society to attend. During the consultative meeting we shall have an in-depth discussion on the following; 1. In-depth understanding of the key Mandate of this core Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs and how to fit our roles in this manifesto as envisaged by the government. 2. Decipher how the various sub-sectors of the movement fits into the new government as one of the vehicles that are instrumental through which the government will deliver its mandate to its citizenry. 3. Identify key sector priorities for lobby and advocacy 4. To discuss key challenges, pain points and possible sustainable solutions for the co-operative movement. 5. To set Lobby and Advocacy agenda, discuss key sub sector priorities to be presented to the president as well as the cooperative bill that is yet to be tabled in the 13th parliament. 6. Get to understand the hustler fund’s access, legibility, administration and sustainability through Co-operatives. During our meeting, different sub sectors will be given opportunities to openly discuss various sub sectoral challenges and prioritized issues. We believe in working with the government of the day, will yield greater economic benefits to cooperatives as we shall have created ground for amicably dispute resolution and hence working harmoniously for the greater benefit of the members in the movement. We will be reaching out to our newly appointed CS, PS and the commissioner for co-operatives as well as the chair of governors to grace our occasion. As a valuable stakeholder, we humbly request that you join us in this great initiative to strategize and align ourselves as we air our pressing issues to the Ministry for consideration as the CS takes office. The forum targets the following key leaders, critical policy makers and stakeholders. 1. Board of Directors of Co-operative Societies 2. Chief Executive Officers 3. Audit and Supervisory Board members 4. County Executive Committee members (CEC) 5. County Chief Officers of Co-operatives 6. County Directors of Co-operatives The registration fee for this worthwhile consultative meeting is Kshs.60,000/= per participant (conference only). The arrangement for full board can be done at a negotiated rate through CAK. Confirmations should be made by 10Th November 2022 for registration purposes. All payments to be made to Co-operative Alliance of Kenya Ltd Account No.01120161356900 Co-operative Bank, Karen branch, strictly on or before 10th November, 2022 and Confirmation is by payment.