Driving and unfolding the national transformation agenda through cooperatives forum for board members to be held on 29th march to 1st April 2023 at pride inn paradise, Mombasa

Receive warm greetings from Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK).

The national transformation agenda in Kenya is a governments initiative aimed at improving the lives of citizens and promoting economic growth. The agenda focuses on several key areas including food security & nutrition, financial inclusion education, healthcare, infrastructure, production and economic development.

The government has rightfully identified cooperatives as a vehicle through which it will achieve its transformation objectives. This is because, cooperatives in Kenya play an important role in the national transformation agenda and involves all sectors of the economy creating a more prosperous and inclusive society. By pooling resources and working together, cooperatives help in improving the economic well-being of their members and support the government’s efforts to promote economic growth and development. Cooperatives promote social inclusion & environmental sustainability, hence, help in creating a more prosperous and equitable society for all.

In order to drive a national transformation agenda through co-operatives, it is important to have a conducive policy environment that recognizes the unique characteristics of the cooperative model and encourages their development and growth. This includes, measures such as enactment of the Cooperative Bill into law, formation of regulations, discussion of tax incentives, access to financing and legal recognition.

In addition, progressive leadership plays a crucial role in driving sustainable transformation in cooperatives. Ethical & integrity-based leadership and members involvement in decision making help’s foster a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability, which is essential for the long-term success and stability of the cooperatives. By promoting and adopting transparency in decision-making processes and financial reporting it ensures accountability and trust among members and continued success & growth of the cooperative movement in the country.

As regulations and compliance issues evolve, collaboration between cooperatives and governments is valuable, this will help cooperatives overcome the challenges they face and contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable cooperative sector in Kenya.
Ultimately, the success of cooperatives in driving national transformational agenda will be driven by active involvement of the cooperative members and actively engaging the governments to achieve shared goals.

It is therefore, in this breath that CAK has organized for a leadership forum that will bring together stakeholders from the cooperative sector and governments to discuss the opportunities and areas of collaboration, and how the governments can play a role in promoting sustainable cooperative transformation.

Therefore, the main objective of this forum is to discuss the key issues, below:

I. Role of National and County government in accelerating and sustaining cooperative transformation for economic growth.
II. Capture and unfold the national transformation agenda through cooperatives
III. Ethical and integrity leadership through sustainable board governance best practices
IV. Enactment of the Cooperative Bill into law and its implications
V. Enhancing partnerships between co-operatives, the governments and development partners in advancing a national transformational agenda.

The forum targets the following key critical policy makers.
1. Board of Directors of Co-operative Societies
2. Chief Executive Officers
3. County Executive Committee members (CEC)
4. County Chief Officers of Co-operatives
5. County Directors of Co-operatives
6. County Commissioners/offficers

In conclusion, we believe that driving the national transformation agenda through co-operatives is not only a responsibility, but also a tremendous opportunity for us to make a positive impact on our communities and our nation. We will be honored to have you join us at this forum. The charges for this investment will be Kshs.65, 000/= per participant which caters for conference only.

Reserve your slot by making early confirmation. Send us the name of the participant/s and their contacts by 15th March, 2023.Your presence is highly appreciated as we look forward to your participation and continued support.

All payments to be made to Co-operative Alliance of Kenya Ltd Account No.01120161356900 Coop Bank, Karen branch, strictly on or before 15th March, 2023 and Confirmation is by payment. We thank you for your continued partnership.