Social Welfare Activities Will Take Place Around The Country For Two Months, Culminating In Co-operative Day Festivities

Social welfare activities will take place around the country for two months, culminating in Co-operative Day festivities. PS Ishmail Abdi Noor of the Cooperatives remarked.

This year's ushirika day theme, according to cooperative movement leaders, is "Cooperatives Build a Better World." They said this at a meeting on Thursday at the Kenya Bankers building.

After a two-year hiatus owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, the International Month of Co-operatives (Ushirika Day) has been reintroduced. Some of the activities planned for the period include a leaders forum and a blood donation campaign, among others.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that has plagued us for almost two years, according to Noor, cooperative performance has been generally impressive. Innovative goods for education, health, and SMEs, he claims, contributed to the good outcomes.

The PS highlighted some of the sector's achievements, such as the review of the National Cooperative Policy, which resulted in a 2020 sessional document. He stated that they had made conscious steps to address non-remittance to co-operatives, and that the outstanding sums owing will be gradually reduced.