The Arusha, Mt. Meru hotel will host the upcoming CAK leaders forum

29 July, 2022

On 20th September 2022, cooperative movement leaders will head to mt. Meru hotel Arusha Tanzania to attend a leaders forum which will take place from 20th September to 24th September 2022 and will bring together the Board of Directors of Co-operative Societies, Chief Executive Officers, County Executive Committee members (CEC), County Chief Officers of Co-operatives, County Directors of Co-operatives, and Senior management staff.

Co-operatives are distinctive economic and social businesses that are founded by individuals in accordance with cooperative ideals.

In order to modernize and commercialize colonial economies, cooperatives were first created during the colonial period in Africa. They are member-owned, member-driven, and democratically managed organizations that offer solutions to their members and their communities, in contrast to other types of enterprises.

Since these cooperatives operate in every area of our economies, they are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The East African Cooperatives Conference will be held in Arusha in accordance with the two cooperatives' guiding principles of cooperation between cooperatives and education, training, and information.

"Regional cooperative collaboration to build sustainable cooperative enterprises " will be the conference's subject.

The cornerstone of the East Africa Community (EAC) has been regional integration, a global development strategy adopted by the majority of African states with the aim of harmoniously cooperating to improve the livelihoods of its people. This is done in the spirit of accelerating economic growth and development for the common market in the regional block of the East Africa Community member states.

All cooperatives movement leaders have therefore been encouraged to register for this event since its necessary to give East African cooperatives a way to create connections, networks, and cooperation-related areas.