CAK Background

CAK is non-political and promotes the social and economic wellbeing of all its members irrespective of their political affiliations. It operates on the principles of integrity that promote honesty and transparency and accountability while shuns ills such as corruption, drug abuse and human rights violations. The formation of CAK consequently was a response to the need by the Co-operative Movement to have a single voice in addressing its concerns on the national and international stage.

Our History

CAK was registered on 22nd December 2009 under the Co-operative Societies Act, CAP 490 of 2004, to replace the hitherto National Apex body, Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives (KNFC). The Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives formed in 1964, as the first Apex organization, had key objective of promoting the development of the Co-operative Movement in Kenya. In line with its objective, KNFC was instrumental in initiating the establishment of specialized Co-operative Institutions, many of which are now key National Co-operative Organizations (NACO’s) playing a critical role in the financial sector such as the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd, the CIC Insurance Group Ltd, KUSCCO, NACHU and many SACCOs among others.