Meeting To Implement Regulations For The National Co-operative Bill To Be Held In Amboseli From March 30th 2022 To 2nd April 2022

On March 30th, all cooperative leaders will head to Amboseli's Oltukai Lodge to share their perspectives and provide more feedback on creating regulations.

The National Cooperative Bill will be put into action as a result of this. Hon. Peter Munya, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Co-operatives, will speak at the event.

The Co-operatives will have an in-depth discussion about the Co-operative Societies' regulations and other legislation reforms that have an impact on the Co-operative business sector, in terms of bringing in good governance and providing a regulatory framework that will help nurture the sector into the future.

This Co-operative Leaders meeting is anticipated to produce clear implementation regulations and provide much-needed clarity on the Co-operative Societies Bill and necessary laws.