Finance, Marketing, And Credit Managers Annual Summit To Be Held At White Sands Hotel From 25th 28th May 2022

Receive warm co-operative greetings from the Co-operative Alliance of Kenya. In line with our core mandate of continuously improving and honing the skills of management in the co-operative movement, we wish to invite the Finance, Marketing, and Credit Managers to a summit focusing on the issues and challenges that are likely to impede seamless operations of the management and financial processes as well as opportunities to vary and grow business and improve operational efficiencies. FINANCE MANAGEMENT TEAM Financial Managers shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that an organization’s decisions are aligned with the overall financial management objectives. As new standards and interpretations continue to be pronounced, management and finance practitioners are required to keep abreast with developments and ensure compliance. It is in this regard that we have organized a forum whose objectives are to enable Finance Managers to: • Make important decisions through profit and loss analysis, financial forecasting, and ratio analysis, among others • Utilize available resources and ensure that they fulfill an organization’s needs and priorities • Ensure that an organization makes decisions after thorough consideration of available funds and potential risks in the future. Topics to be covered for the Finance Management team include: 1. Emerging issues from the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act of 2016, its impact on members shareholding and savings. 2. Realigning the Cooperative sector reporting in line with the requirements of the Act to minimize its effect on the societies finances. 3. Preparation for External audit in fulfillment of SASRA requirement 4. Income tax compliance, Tax planning and emerging trends in taxation CREDIT MANAGEMENT TEAM We aim to equip the participants with knowledge on the pre-requisite for effective origination and processing of loan applications as well as with credit analysis skills in order to effectively appraise loan applications with the main aim of minimizing the Portfolio at Risk (PAR). Topics to be covered for Credit team include: 1. Credit Lifecycle and Origination Process, including credit risk 2. Loan Records and Documentation in Lending 3. Evaluation of Loan Applications: Credit Appraisal Models and Tools, Financial Analysis of Borrowers Income and Cash flows 4. Customer Experience Management in Lending 5. Work Plans for Credit Officers: Day in the Life of (DILOs) a Credit Officer Considering the changing business environment, we have re-designed our credit management course into 3-tier modules: 1: Credit Origination and Analysis Module 2: Credit Administration and Securitization (Collaterals and Guarantors Management) Module 3: Portfolio Monitoring, Delinquency Management and Debt Collection. SALES AND NEGOTIATION SKILLS COURSE How proficient is your sales team in converting sales leads into business? Good negotiations skills contribute significantly to business success. This training is designed to equip your staff with skills on how to negotiate successfully and leverage your contacts. Representatives will gain new knowledge on how to effectively prospect for new clients and maintain a good relationship. The course will cover 3 thematic areas: 1. Customer Acquisition and retention: Developing a Sales Strategy and Prospecting and Pipeline Management 2. Actual Selling: Effective Sales Communication Skills and Negotiation Skills 3. Closing and Follow Up: Sales Closing Techniques and Customer Relationship Management NB/ For planning and reservations purposes, you are requested to do earlier confirmations by sending us the names of the participants and their contacts by 15th May 2022 which will be highly appreciated as we look forward to your participation and continued support. The charges for this investment are Kshs. 62,000 per participant which is inclusive of training materials, conference and certificate of participation only. It is recommended that all participants should have their masks on always, Covid-19 vaccinations, and preferably get the booster shots. All payments to be made to Co-operative Alliance of Kenya Ltd Account No.01120161356900 Coop Bank, Karen branch, strictly on or before 15th May 2022 and Confirmation is by payment.