Public Participation Of The Draft Cooperative Bill

The cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co­ operatives appointed the National Co-operative Policy Operationalization Task Force via Gazette Notice No. 10699 of 16th December, 2020. The mandate of the Task Force is to Initiate and develop a framework for: implementation of the National Co-operative Policy Interventions; Review of the CO-operative Legislation; CO-operative Institutional Reforms and Co-operative capacity Building. The Task Force has developed a Cooperatives Bill. The Bill is available at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operatives and the State Department for Co-operatives websites: Pursuant to Article 10 of the Constitution, the State Department for Co­ operatives invites the stakeholders and members of the public to submit representation on the draft Cooperatives Bill. The representation may be made by written memoranda using the prescribed form for public comments through email address or hand delivered to the Office of the Principal Secretary, NSSF Building, Block A, 17th Floor or mailed to the undersigned not later than 24th November 2021at 5:OOpm. Further, the State Department for Cooperatives invites the stakeholders and the members of the public to public hearings which will be both physical and virtual on the draft Bill. All meetings shall begin at 9:00am