CAK Functions

1. Lobbying and Advocacy
CAK will pursue its mandate of lobbying and advocacy for a favorable and enabling policy and legal environment for Co-operative Development in Kenya. This will create harmony in the Co-operative Movement for socio-economic member empowerment.

2. Awareness Campaign and Innovation:
CAK will undertake intensive Awareness Programmes within the Co-operative Movement for the following objectives:

  • Create awareness on innovative Products and Services such as the linkages already established with development partners like ILO/COOPAfrica, SCC/Vi and ASCU among others.
  • Dissemination of information on emerging issues such as Good Corporate Governance, Value Addition and Supply Chain, the One Village One Product concept (OVOP) among others.
  • Promotion of new forms of Co-operatives.
  • Strengthen the weak and newly registered Co-operatives.
  • Initiate Co-operative Educational Programmes through the existing Print Media and Broadcasting on Radio and Television for the visibility of the Co-operative Movement.

3.Facilitate Agricultural Extension Service:
The vibrancy of many Agricultural Co-operatives has been affected by inadequate Agricultural productivity. CAK will seek to spearhead the revival of the agricultural production such as Cotton, Fish & Aquaculture, Apiculture, Dairy/Livestock, Coffee, Horticulture, Cashew Nut, Macadamia Nuts among others.

The support services to achieve this objective shall be and not limited to sourcing donor funds for farmer empowerment through Co-operative Projects to undertake the following activities:-

  • Procurement and distribution of farm inputs
  • Bulk handling of Grain and Fertilizers
  • Value addition and supply chain management
  • Ware Housing receipt system
  • Marketing of produce through e-service
  • Promoting exchange programme locally, regionally and internationally
  • Enhancing food security through micro-irrigation for small holder farmer.

4. Institutional Development:
It has been a tradition that the National Apex in the past nurtured emerging Co-operative institutions/organizations that gave rise to the formation of Co-operative Bank, KUSCCO, NACHU, CIC and CODIC among others.

Right now there is a need to address the concerns for emerging Co-operative Institutions such as:- Investment, Women and Youth Co-operatives among others. CAK will play that pivotal role.

5. National Co-operative Resource Centre:
Currently this is lacking and CAK shall play a leading role in harnessing, archiving and documenting the existing information and resources through a well coordinated research and development process for the benefit of the entire Co-operative movement both Nationally Regionally and Internationally.

6. Information Communication Technology:
CAK will seek to establish networks and linkages with ICT service providers with a view to enhancing e-service through relevant Information System and Information Technology for the benefit of the entire Co-operative Movement in Kenya and Africa. This could be undertaken as a Project under a subsidiary holding Company wholly owned by CAK.

7. Development Partners support:
CAK will engage Development Partners for the support of Co-operative Institutional Capacity Building and other projects such as Corporate Governance and Member Empowerment.

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