CAK operates in the Republic of Kenya with the Head Office situated in Karen, Nairobi, within the Co-operative University College of Kenya compound and there are plans to eventually open regional offices for efficient service delivery.

CAK has a Governing Council that serves as the governing authority of the Alliance and consist of 15 elected members comprising of four (4) from the National Co-operative Organizations, eight (8) from the following regions; Nairobi, Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central, Eastern, Coast and North Eastern, One (1) member representing countrywide SACCOs, and two (2) members co-opted by the Governing Council.

The Commissioner for Co-operative Development is included and is an ex-official member and the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer serves as the secretary to the Council.

Sub-committees are to be constituted from the council members to address issues such as but not limited to Co-operative Finance, Agriculture and Manufacturing, Co-operative Business and Trade, Co-operative Governance & Policy, Technical (on programmes, projects and proposals) and Audit (Monitoring & Evaluation).

Except for Nairobi County where we have 25 elected delegates, members in the rest of the Counties elected 5 delegates each and as such CAK has 255 delegates countrywide and its presence is in every county.

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